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Earth's Survivors - Rising from the Ashes

Earth's Survivors Rising From The Ashes continues to follow the survivors of a worldwide catastrophe. From L.A. To Manhattan the…

The Earth's Survivors Series

EARTH'S SURVIVORS: The Earth's Survivors Series follows survivors of a worldwide catastrophe. A meteorite that was supposed to…

Rising From The Ashes

Earth's Survivors Rising From The Ashes continues to follow the survivors of a worldwide catastrophe. From L.A. To Manhattan the…

Earth's Survivors

Earth's Survivors Apocalypse By Dell Sweet Apocalypse follows survivors of a worldwide catastrophe. A meteorite that was…

Earth's Survivors Apocalypse

Apocalypse follows survivors of a worldwide catastrophe. A meteorite that was supposed to miss the earth completely, hits…

The Zombie Killers

By Dell Sweet The Zombie Killers are a group formed by some of the original survivors. They are first based out of the Nation…

Earth's Survivors

News about the Earth's Survivors project and the Next Zombie Plagues book...

The Earth's Survivors

The Print versions of the Earth's Survivors series for a limited time...

Writer Andrea Scroggs

Andrea Scroggs is the writer and artist behind the graphic novel Invariant. Excellent work. Check it out right now.

America The Dead Series

The America The Dead series chronicles the first days of the Zombie Apocalypse and a small group trying to survive, fighting the…

True Stories From A Small Town 1

True Stories From A Small Town #1 is a collection of true stories form my life...

Free Book list

Free Ebooks available for Epub, PDF and Mobi(Kindle)

Earth's Survivors Blogs

Blogs from Earth's Survivors

The Zombie Plagues Free Book Links

Did you know that some changes were made and that the first two Zombie Plagues books are now free?

Geo Dell's Blog 12-01-14

This is Geo's Last blog

Genesis Earth - Geo Dell

The Genesis Earth trilogy from Geo Dell..

Links for today

Geo Dell's Blog, links, free books and more...

Genesis Earth

Genesis Earth is a series of books that look at the end of civilization as we know it...

New Earth's Survivors book coming

Geo Dell drops the news in today's blog, and he gives a free preview of that book!

Mexico By Paul Block

Billy levered himself further over the window sill and nearly came down into the dead man's lap as he lost his balance and his…

Geo's Blog

Geo's weekly blog - 11-10-14 The Earth's Survivors books, The Zombie Plagues and The OutRunner books.

Free Weekend Reads for you

Free books to download for your ereader

The Zombie Plagues - Geo

The Zombie Plagues Series Links...

The Borderline

A new short story from Dell Sweet.

The Zombie Plague Series

The New Earth's Survivors Web Site

Books from Dell Sweet

True Stories, Fiction, Humor and more...

Free Books This Weekend

Free Books for you to download, Epub, Kindle and more formats...

The Zombie Plagues Book Three by Geo Delll

Geo Dell's The Zombie Plagues book three. The Saga continues as the group make their first foray back out into the world to…

The dead undead series

Geo kills the Earth's Survivors books.


Deals on acoustic tune-up kits

The Earth's Survivors Name Change

The Earth's Survivors books have changed their name to The Zombie Plagues

Free Book List

Books that are completely free...

Geo's Blog for 10-06-14

Free book list, links, writing schedule and more...

The Earth's Survivors series

Overview The Earth's Survivors trilogy takes an apocalyptic look at a world in ruins. The governments are gone. The police,…

Dell's blog for 09-30-14

Dell's Blog for today. Some words from Geo and a free story from Paul Block...


Get a new tremolo and strings for one low price

Free Book Links

Several Free books for you to download...

Earth's Survivors SE 2

The second SE book, combining books three and four. A pretty good deal since can't even get book four anymore...

New blog links

The URL for the new blog links

Genesis Earth - The Roads Out Of Eden

In the third book the battle is racing toward conclusion. There are no guarantees of the outcome, those that fight, fight with…

Genesis Earth Gods and Devils

In the second book the destruction has begun, and the lines have been clearly drawn. Those who are left alive, and those who…

Genesis Earth - Armageddon

In the first book, Armageddon the foundations begin to crumble and armies amass both on and off the Earth to fight. The battle…

The Zombie Plagues

What if the world ended tomorrow? What would you do? Would you be able to survive? The Zombie Plagues books follow a small group…

The Earth's Survivors Book Series

The Earth's Survivors trilogy takes an apocalyptic look at a world in ruins. The governments are gone. The police, the military.…

America The Dead

When a catastrophic natural disaster looms on the near horizon, the government releases an airborne virus designed to make the…

Mexico - Paul Block

A Crime Novel in the Pulp Tradition... Billy levered himself further over the window sill and nearly came down into the dead…

Dead - Paul Block

A collection of short stories from Paul Block

Geo Dells Guitar Site

#Guitars #Luthier #Guitarparts Necks (10) Bodies (16) Tuners Machine Heads (4) Wireing pots (9) Bridges (29)…

Earth's Survivors

The Earth's Survivors Trilogy

Geo Dell's The Zombie Plagues

The Zombie Plague Books...

Lindsey Rivers America The Dead

Author Lindsey Rivers and Her America The Dead books


What he does and who he is. Save money on guitar project parts

Lindsey Rivers America The Dead

Check out this zombie fiction and get the first book for free......

Paul Block

Writer Paul Block

11 percent off guitar parts

Geo's Guitar Site

Dell's Blog for today

independAntwriters as it goes forward without Dell. Meet the writers, and a free short story from Paul Block

Graphic - Adult - Crime novels

Graphic novels, Adult Fiction and Pulp style crime novels...

Popular re-releases

Books you haven't seen for awhile. These were popular Kindle books for their authors. The were unavailable but have been…

New Novel from Paul Block

Mexico, a new novel from writer Paul Block

Dell's Blog for Sept. 08 2014

Lots of links to out of print material, and to new free books.

Guitar parts and more

Geo adds more goodies to the list...

Free Book Today

The Free book for Today

Guitar parts

All the project parts you need...

The Earth's Survivors Book One

The first Earth's Survivors book

Guitar Parts

Tuner and Capo deal

Dell Sweet's Blog for 09-01-14

A little humour, a few explanations for the books and availability and a free peek at a future book...

Earth's Survivors Trilogy

The Earth's Survivors Trilogy has been popular for a few years now. With the finish of the last Zombie Plagues book and moving…

Book Links

Book Links to novels for your Kindle

Earth's Survivors Books

Earth's Survivors Book Two: Synopsis and direct link to the digital version...

Fender Guitar Projects

Deals on Fender Guitar Projects

Free Book Download

The free book from Dell today...

Our Sponsor Geo's Guitar site

Geo Dell's Guitar site 10% off sale!

Dell's Blog via Geo

Dell's Blog via Geo. Book links and how to get them correctly. And dieting for all of us...

repairing the broken neck of a guitar

Geo Dell's newest how-to. Repairing a guitar neck that is broken.

Zombie's On The Move

Zombies have taken over the world, well at least in these books...

Guitars and parts Geo Dell

Deals on Fender Acoustic DIY Projects...

Earth's Survivors and The Zombie Plagues

Want them both at one place? Well now they are...

Zero Zero

Free Book Friday!

Geo's Blog for Today 08-18-14

Geo dell's blog for today. Cat humor, the writing schedule and more...

Earth's Survivors Book One

The First Earth's Survivors Book

Guitar Deals

Free Shipping on many items this weekend...

Geo Dell's Blog

Geo Dell's Blog for August 11th 2014 - Tech support - Cats - Spilled Coffee- Joseph Sweet's magazine...

Geo's Guitar site Sale

10% Off Nearly Everything All Weekend!!!

Free Earth's Survivors Book Today

Book Three Is Free ALL Day!

Book Links

Adult, Apocalyptic, Zombies and more

Custom Work From Geo 2

A custom SG build from Geo. Fully Documented and Photographed

Custom guide from Geo

Shape, set up a Bone Nut and Saddle

Books from i

Books from independAntwriters, Adult, Christian, Zombie and more...

Geo Dells blog for today

Monday! Cats, humor, writing, dead flies and more!

Guitar parts 10 percent sale


Geo's Zombie Plagues

Geo Releases The Zombie Plagues on Amazon. Get your Kindle ready!

Geo's Guitar Deals

Fenders and Schecters. Deals from Geo...

Dell Sweet's Zero Zero

Dell Releases Zero Zero and here are all of the links for your readers...

Zero Zero

Dell Sweet releases Zero Zero. Get 75% off useing the coupon in this post! Good until August 28th 2014.

billy jingo free

Billy Jingo is now a free book! Get it right now!


Deals on Fender project bodies!

Earth's Survivors

Free book and links to the entire series


A free preview of both Hurricane and Billy Jingo


A word from our sponsor

Weekend Free Book Schedule

A list of free books for this upcoming weekend

Geo fills in for Dell

An update from the independAntwriters site

Free Books For Today

Free books: Short Stories, Sexy Military robot operatives, and Bullies that become a little bit more than friends. Read it free!


Deals on fender acoustic projects

Link for Geo's Blog

Geo's blog for today

Free book

Free book link for today

Dell Sweet's Blog for July 7th 2014

Dell's Blog. Book Schedule passed on from Geo, Summer Prediction and more...

Geo's Guitar site

Geo's Guitar deals! Fender, Schecter and Floyd Rose! More!

Free Book Schedule For July 2014

This is the free book schedule for July 2014 from Geo.


Happy 4th of july from dreamer's Worlds!


Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth from Billy Jingo staff!

Happy 4th of july!

Free books for today

July fourth free book download and more!

Hurricane free preview link

The second Rebecca Monet book, Hurricane will be released this fall. Here is a sneak preview.


Free Books today, including Earth's Survivors SE 1

Andrea Scroggs Invariant

The Graphic Novel Invariant from Andrea Scroggs

DIY Guitar Kit Today

New Fender Project Guitars in stock

Andrea Tyse

Books from Andrea Tyse

Free Stories and books 07-02-14

Free stories and books you can download for free...

Free books today 07-01-14

Free books from independAntwriters today, 07-01-2014

Geo Dell's Guitar Site deals

You know him as a writer but he builds guitars and sells parts too!

Dell Sweet's Blog for 06-30-14

Dell's blog for today. Humor, writing schedule and more...

Free books today from independAntwriters

The free books and short stories you can download today from independAntwriters. Download them directly from Amazon absolutely…

Geo Dell's Zombie Plague Books

The Zombie Plagues by Geo Dell. Links to the series, the individual books, and download book one Free!

Earth's Survivors Free Book for 06-28-2014

Earth's Survivors book four, free today and some other books that are also free today only!

Guitar Weekend Deals and Links

Geo's Guitar and link deals for the weekend

The Zombie Plagues FREE Book Link from Geo

This is a link to let you know that Billy Jingo Is Coming to Smashwords. It also includes a free link to get the first Zombie…

Geo Dell's Blog for 06-27-14

Geo gives a little insight into the new ES and ZP books. He also includes a free look at Earth's Survivors Book Three and a link…

Today's Free Earth's Survivors Book...

Get the free Earth's Survivors book of the day!

Geo Dell's Guitar Store

This is our sponsor. Check it out for great deals

Free Books!!!

A list of free Amazon book downloads now through July 3rd

Geo Dell's DIYGuitarKit

Geo's Guitar site...

Dell's Blog 06-23-14 #87

Dell's latest blog and the news from independAntwriters. Plus a list of free books through July Fourth...

Geo Dell's Blog today... 06-19-14

Geo Dell's Blog for today

America The Dead books

America The Dead books from i

Billy Jingo - Mexico

Mexico by Paul Block

Dell Sweet Blog 06-15-14

Religion and a free story

Download The Zombie Plagues Book One

Get The First Zombie Plagues Book Free.

Geo Dell's Blog for 06-12-2014

Fred the cat and the work at home...

Book Links Nook

Nook book links

Kindle Books

A selection of Kindle Books from independAntwriters.

Dell's Blog 06-08-2014

Dell talks about the art of writing as he sees it...

Geo Dell's AdjustOvation project update

Geo Finishes the AdjustOvation guitar project

Free Book Download Today

Download The First Earth's Survivors Book Free Today

Geo Dell's Blog for 06-05-14

Geo give a little insight into himself and some free book links...

Free Smashwords Book Giveaway

Free books at Smashwords. Direct download in your format...

Nook Books on i

A selection of NOOK books

Dell Sweet's blog - 06-01-2014

Dell talks about the writing team of Dell, Jay and Geo and leaves you with a free story and a link to a FREE book...

Earth's Survivors FREE

Get Book Two: The Nation, Free today, 05-31-14 through 06-01-14 as a direct download for your Kindle!

Paperback pages at i

independAntwriters Paperback page

Geo Dell's Blog entry for 05-29-2014

A free read of the first Zombie Plagues book and a look at the writing direction he and Dell will be following...

Earth's Survivors America The Dead NOOK Links

The Links to get all ten of the America The Dead books through NOOK.

Dell's Blog 04-27-2014

News concerning the Earth's Survivors Series of books...

The Zombie Plagues - Geo Dell

The Zombie Killers are the men and women who keep the new settlements safe for the other Earth's Survivors. Those in the Nation…

Geo Dell's The Zombie Plagues

Several lone survivors live through what will become the dawn of a new world. The only thing these people had in common is that…

The Zombie PLagues Book One Free Preview

The Zombie Plagues book one free preview, with links to the other books and previews.

America the Dead - Serialized Zombie Apocalypse fiction 6

The Series that started the Earth's survivors series.

Zombie Plagues Book One 2

Free Preview of the Zombie Plagues book One

Zombie Plagues Book Three 2

Free Preview of the Zombie Plagues book Three

Zombie Plagues Book Two

Free Preview of the Zombie Plagues book Two

Zombie Plagues Book One

Free Preview of the Zombie Plagues book One

Zombie Plagues Book Three

Free Preview of the Zombie Plagues book Three

Zombie Plagues Book One

Free Preview of the Zombie Plagues book One
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