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W. W. Watson

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Book Description
Publication Date: January 15, 2013
Zombie fall is a collection of six short stories including the title story Zombie fall. These six stories have been best sellers on their own but never before offered in a collection... 

Zombie Fall: Geo Had lived along the River all of his life. Spring was beautiful. The summer one of the best. But the fall was not so good. Fall was when Geo discovered that Zombies had moved into his old barn... 

Zombies: I thought Haiti, Horror flicks...? What else is there? Dead people come back to life, or raised from the dead to be made into slaves. Those are the two things I knew and nothing else. Well, it's wrong. Completely wrong. No. I can't tell you how they come to be Zombies initially, but I can tell you that the bite of a Zombie will make you a Zombie. The movies got that much right. 

I can't tell you why they haunt the fields across from my house. Why they have taken up residence in my old barn. But I can tell you that it might be you they come for next and if they do you damn well better realize that everything you thought you knew is wrong. See, Della didn't believe it and look what happened to her! I know, I know I didn't tell you but I will. That's the whole point of writing this down before they get me too. 

Alive Again: They were three, set out to leave the city for the safety of the road, where they would be relatively free from the dead that plagued the cities... 

I watched as, unseen by Shelly and Kim a Zombie crouched on a narrow path above them, swiveled his rotting head to me, seemed to take my measure with a wide, yellowed grin, and then dropped from the ledge on to Kim's back. “No!” I could not say Kim Look Out! Or speed up my feet or any other damn thing. Time had slowed, become elastic, strange, too clearly seen... The Zombie hit her hard and she folded like an accordion and was driven into the ground, a few hundred pounds of animated corpse riding her down into the dirt. Clawed hands clutching, mouth already angling to bite...To taste her... 

I was still thirty or more yards away. I could not see how that could even be possible. I should have been closer but I was not. I saw Shelly turn, panicked, take her eyes off the other UN-dead, and start towards Kim. Unchallenged the other Zombies closed ground far faster than they should have been able to. I saw the Zombie on Kim take a mouthful of her back and rip the flesh away from her spine. Shelly's rifle came up and barked and the zombie blew apart, raining down on Kim like a storm of red. Somehow I managed to switch to full auto, get my rifle up, and spray an entire one hundred round clip into the other Zombies where they rushed along the path towards Shelly and the fallen Kim.... 

Three other Zombie stories from Writers Geo Dell, W. W. Watson and W. G. Sweet... 

Geo lived all of his life on the river. He had outlived and buried his wife. After that life had seemed to take on a different character. The days were slower. Sometimes he forgot things in the middle of remembering them. 
Della lived in town and came by to take care of Geo a few days a week, but as summer passed in to fall Della stopped coming. The the mail stopped coming, then the world got strange and when someone finally did come Geo found himself wishing they hadn't...


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